Saturday, November 21, 2015

26 Weeks Pregnant and Family Update

Well here I am again. Wanting to do an overdue post. It will have to be quick since I am hiding in the bathroom for a quick moment alone. This week marks pregnancy week 26. This pregnancy is flying by as I am busy with homeschool and the holiday season fast approaching. I can't believe it is Thanksgiving next week! I am feeling good overall, besides a tooth ache that only bothers me around 3 am! I need to have it removed. Of course I keep putting that off...I hate visits to the dentist, not to mention the cost of a simple tooth extraction makes me cringe. Baby is very active all of the time. That is fun! I am a bit nervous about having another baby around here. With 6 small kids in my world, it can seem like I won't be able to do it all. But I cling to the words of God! And I know that He trusts in my abilities, even when my faith is wavering. He would not give me more than he thinks I can bare. I have so many friends that a pregnant right right now, it is definitely a blessed season of life. I love babies! I am anxious to meet my little one in February for sure! If you are wondering, we have decided not to find out the gender. We normally do, but this time it will be a surprise. So no, we are not keeping it a secret from you! Ha!

The kids are doing great! Home school is going well and we should be finishing most of our cirriculum just before baby arrives. Yay! Perfect timing. Lately my two littlest ones have been a quite the mischievous pair. I have to keep constant eyes on them or they are getting into things. Just today as I folded a big pile of laundry with 3 of my bigs, one certain 3 year old, packed a big backpack full of raw eggs, butter and random condiments from the fridge...that was an ordeal since half of the eggs ended up broken on the floor. It has been a trying time to say the least. I just remind myself that curious little people tend to get into mischief but grow out of the "terrorize your house" stage right before you can go insane.

House work has been overwhelming lately too, but again, I remind myself constantly that I have priorities, and the top priorities do not include a perfectly spotless house. I mean really, when would I sleep? My walk with God is most important. I feel so lost if I don't spend time reading my Bible every morning and praying before I get out of bed. I need God's help to get me through each day. I lean heavily on Him in times of weakness and wavering faith. My children need me constantly and that can be a heavy burden. I strive each day to help them also walk with God. And I feel my main goal each day is to be sure we have spent time reading the Bible, talking about what we have read, praying, and singing praises to Him. This daily routine really brightens my day and it makes a noticeable difference in the atmosphere of my home. The kids love Bible time. We learn new hymns and sing fun songs too. If you haven't started something like this in your home, I highly recommend it! It will change your family's life.

I am finishing up this post at 3 am just a little more than 3 days after I started writing it...goes to show how hectic things can be around here. I hope this has encouraged other moms. We all need to be encourged! Have a blessed weekend.