Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day in the Life

5:30 am- I wake up with a kiss from my hard working husband leaving for work. This morning kiss wakes up the sleeping baby by my side. Samuel is looking for breakfast and a diaper change, so I quickly change him and then I settle in snuggled up next to my nursling as I check my email and start reading a part to my Bible reading plan on my cell phone. Then I doze off...

7:30 am- I wake up thinking it is too late to be sleeping. As I open my eyes I see the toddler peeking around the corner. She is trying to see if she will get away with breaking the rule of staying in bed until mom is out of bed. I give her a break this time and she sneaks into my bed to snuggle the sleeping baby. Samuel wakes up with a smile on his face as he greets his big sister for waking him up.

7:45 am- It is past time to get out of bed so I make myself get up even though everyone else is still asleep...well at least for a few seconds until the baby starts crying when I change his diaper. I change both babies and get them dressed for the day. I also get dressed and start giving orders to my chatterbox children. They are to get up and dressed, brush their hair, make their beds and clean their rooms before breakfast.

9:00 am- It took longer than I would like to mobilize and motivate my kiddos this morning, but now we are finally able to sit down and eat breakfast!

9:30 am- Once again we begin working on chores. I am working on folding mountains of laundry and the kids are doing their usual daily chores before we have Bible time at 10:30 am sharp!

10:30 am- I leave the sink full of dishes as I gather the littles around the table for our morning Bible reading. We start by singing a hymn that we are learning. Today they are learning 'There is a Fountain'. I slowly break down the meaning behind the words as the kids listen and then we sing it all together. We pray over our prayer list and then we begin our Bible study on the Proverb of the day. Most memorably we talk about being a sluggard and how it is like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes to ask a sluggard to do something. We also breifly talk about being careful what you talk about (we read Proverb 10 today). So we finish up our devotions with 'Oh, Be Careful', a fun little song for kids.

11:30 am- the kids go outside to play until lunch time

12:10 am- I invite the kids to come inside and do a few things on their school workbooks while I make lunch ( I had been folding and putting away laundry and dealing with a fussy teething baby when they were outside) The emotions run high and then I decide that the kids need naps before lunch...or maybe mommy just needed a time out after the cry-athon.

1:30 pm- The little people are still not asleep so I invite them to have a lunch with us. They happily munch on their lunch.

2:00 pm- The 5 and younger crowd return to their beds for a nap. The older children, Guinevere and Glory, start on their school work. Samuel is crabby so I ask Glory to take him outside for some sunshine while I teach Guinevere her math lesson. That lasts for about 10 minutes...but it was just the time I needed to get her lesson squeezed in.

2:20 pm- I put Samuel down in his crib for a nap and settle in at the table to help Glory start her math test. Guinevere finishes her independent work and asks to play outside.

2:40 (something like that) pm- Nap time is a bust so I ask the littles to be quiet until 3 pm and then they are allowed to get up. I check over the school work the girls have done and help Glory with her cursive writing assignment. Guinevere reads me Hop on Pop.

3:00 pm- The kids are all up now and we sit down at the table for more schooling. In between folding laundry and helping the young ones with their school work I text some friends that I have been meaning to touch base with. The kids grub on apples, bananas, and oranges in between their ABC's and 123's.

3:45 pm- Children finish up their studies and I send them outside to play in the perfect sunny weather. Samuel is still napping so I use my quiet moments to call a dairy farmer to get some info about his grass fed beef.

Around 4:00 pm- I have yet to start on dinner and the kids are asking to go to the park. I decide on a dinner of cereal as we get ready to go to our neighborhood park.

4:45-ish We arrive at the park and my kids quickly make friends with the other kids there. Their new friends have several dogs and all of my kids are thrilled when they let them pet and play with their puppies. After pushing Mary on the swing for several minutes, I walk laps around the play area at the park with Sam in the stroller keeping an eye on the kiddos as they run here and there. I take a seat on a bench and I watch Glory trying to read her Bible with the friend she just made, on the bench directly across from me. Glory asks me what verse she needs to read to get her friend saved, so I take her to John 3:16 (Glory brings her Bible everywhere, especially when we go to the park. She also brings tracts and new testaments in her purse and gives them out liberally) Glory inspires me with her zeal as she keeps trying to convince her friend to get saved.

5:45 pm- We pack up and head for home. It is shower night and we still need to eat our "dinner" of cereal. I start the littles on showers and as they take turns, I serve them bowl after bowl of happiness ;)

7:15 pm- My husband finally gets home from work! He brings in some groceries he bought at the Asian market. Lots of things but specifically bamboo rollers (for sushi) and Panko bread crumbs for shrimp tempura. He so sweetly washes my dishes as I finish getting the kids ready for bed. We decide it is too late for a dinner of sushi and I was out of diapers. I run to the store to pick up the diapers and pick up something for a late dinner :/

8 pm- As I pull into Whataburger I see flashing red and blue lights in my rear view mirror...I am getting pulled over.  Thankfully the cop let me go with just a warning. Apparently I was driving with just my parking lights on. I head home and share dinner with my exhausted husband.

9:30 pm- We head to bed. I rub my husbands feet while he works on writing a sermon and he listens to me talk his ear off.

...I snuggle up next to my dear husband and sweet smelling baby. I am just where I want to be!


  1. Beutiful person and life, I adore this post!!!

  2. Loved this post, Leslye!

    I think *all* husband get their ears talked off once they get home! ;)

  3. So beautifully written! And just what I needed to read today. I am going to print this and hang it up.

    God bless you!