Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mama's Schedule

I recently posted my new schedule for the kids. This schedule helps us to keep track of what is suppose to happen when. Of course things don't always go as planned, but I strive to make the important things happen on a daily basis. It has been working quite well for us, so far. Except I noticed that the kids get stir crazy because it is so hot outside. So I need to find some fillers for their free time. Activities that don't include mom. Because...when they are to be having their fun free time, I am working on my daily tasks and cooking meals. I felt it was a little lopsided to only give you the kid's schedule. It would be better if you could see what a real day in my life is like. Please note that I am 33 weeks pregnant, and feeling it. So I am not as motivated as I would normally be. I am currently trying to maintain my here it is:

1-upon rising, read daily proverb and pray
2-shower while listening to audio Bible
3-straighten my room and finish getting ready for my day
4-help kids to get dressed/make beds and find their place on the couch (to wait for breakfast)
5-work on cleaning up the kitchen (from the night before if needed), while I start cooking breakfast
6-serve breakfast, sit and eat with my littles
7-clean up breakfast mess
8-free time for the kids, while I work on chores (I do what desperately needs done)
9-start the kids on their daily chores
10-look at lesson plans for the day and do any prep work
11-start lunch
12-eat with littles
13-clean up after lunch
14-start Guinevere on school work and put littles down for nap
15-start Glory on school work
16-take a 15 minute nap
17-read with Glory
18-read with Silas
19-work on writing and reading with Guinevere
20-start Hosanna and Silas on workbook
21-tie up loose ends for school
22-daily Bible reading/singing/and prayer time with kids
23-learn to sit quietly (for kids) I watch them closely
24-free time/craft time for littles, I work on chores and start dinner
25-dinner time
26-clean up after dinner
27-on Tuesday's and Friday's shower assembly line
28-on specified days family Bible time
29-brush kids teeth and put them to bed
30-make Donnie breakfast and lunch for the next day
31-load and run dishwasher
32- free time or bedtime for mama

There you have, what this mama does all day. Of course there is way more to what a mom does all day!