Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Schedule

Here is our new daily schedule, even though it will probably change when the baby arrives in July:

Daily Chores
Guinevere (age 7)
·         laundry
·         sweep all bedrooms
Glory (age 5)
·         wipe down and clean bathroom
·         make mom and dad's bed
Silas (age 4)
·         take out garbage in every room
·         clean up backyard
·         make mom and dad’s bed
Hosanna (age 3)
·         wash walls
·         straighten living room
·         clean table

1-      Upon rising, make bed and get dressed
2-      Clean room
3-      Wait on couch for breakfast/ Guinevere begins laundry
4-      Eat together
5-      Clean up after breakfast
6-      Brush hair and put on shoes
7-      Play outside or play with specified toys
8-      Clean up and daily chores
9-      Start little ones on school work
10-   Wait for lunch quietly while little ones finish school work
11-   Eat together
12-   Clean up after lunch
13-   Nap time for young (ages 1-5)
14-   Guinevere begin math drills
15-   Glory reading/writing lesson
16-   Guinevere online school and/or daily writing assignments
17-   Glory begins daily workbook lesson
18-   Bible time
19-   Learning to sit quietly
20-   Play time outside or with specified toys/clean up
21-   Wash for dinner
22-   Eat together
23-   On Tuesday and Friday, shower before bed
24-   On specified days, family devotions
25-   Brush teeth
26-   Bed time

      I also made up our 2014-2015 homeschool calendar. I took 7 weeks off after the baby comes, to allow time for us to get adjusted and make the move to Ft Worth, TX. We plan on heading out for Ft Worth on Monday morning August 25th, with our first church service to be held on Sunday, August 31st. After I start home school again, I will not be taking Monday's off, like I do now, to try to make up for that long break. I would post my calendar here, but I cannot figure out how to size it down enough for it to be legible. You can find the template I used at calendarlabs.com

      **Please note that my schedule has changed a bit, but that is the good thing about making your own schedule, you can always change things around as needed :)


  1. Nice! I need to create a new morning chores/schoolwork schedule for this summer.

  2. Nice! I love it.
    I need to revamp mine too.