Thursday, May 8, 2014


This past weekend we visited our friend's in Prescott Valley. This sweet family started a new baptist church called Word of Truth, just over 6 months ago. It was such a nice visit. I felt so welcomed and their family really went out of their way to make our trip easy and carefree. What a blessing they were! My husband preached for Word of Truth  on Sunday night, you can listen to that here:

I am currently almost 29 weeks pregnant. I just started having heartburn every day. My diet has been a little off this past week. So I think that is definitely a factor. For heartburn during pregnancy I take papaya enzymes and they work GREAT! Better than anything I have tried in the past. I don't have any, at the moment. But now that heartburn has become a daily thing, I will be making a trip to buy some soon! Other than heartburn I have had some ligament pains, and the practice contraction are starting up. Early contractions are very typical for me, so I am not concerned by them in the least. Baby boy is very active and sometimes he does some wacky summer salts in is so fun feeling his crazy kicking.

Also, I bought some cloth diapers for my newbie baby, and they are so adorably cute and tiny. I am working on potty training my 20 month old. But I am in no hurry. If I decide it is too much to cloth diaper them both I will just switch Mary to disposables full time. I have to at least try it out, because I know it is the best thing for them and it really helps our family save money! I am back to making my homemade wipes again and I am so glad. I can make a whole canister of wipes for about 75 cents! And they don't have all of those chemicals in them that I cannot even read. I am trying something new, though. When I bought my itty bitty cloth diapers the lady also gave me these baby bits of soap to make wipes. You put 1 small bit into a spray bottle and add water. You can then use the solution to spray on cloth wipes or you can do like I do and spray directly on baby's bottom. I really like this method too. The only problem is that the glass bottle that the baby bits came with broke. First the spray part broke then today the littles dropped the bottle on the tile floor in my no more spray solution until I get another spray bottle...

Next week we start a new school year with the kids. I may be changing my year round schedule up a bit once baby comes. I will need a few months off during that time to recover from childbirth and to prepare for the move to Ft Worth shortly thereafter. I have finally decided what I will be using for curriculum this year, and I am feeling more confident to teach all 4 older kids at one time. I have yet to actually write out my plan. Thankfully it is not too complicated. I will be sitting down to make a schedule later this week. The new school year begins on May 14...I better get started on that asap!

Other than planning my homeschool year out, I have been really busy here going through our stuff. We have decided on a moving trailer to move just a select few items when it comes time. This is fine with me, but it means that I have to get rid of a whole house full of stuff. And this wont be easy. I know that I have a few months to do this but it still seems overwhelming. But little by little I know it will get done. And I am very hopeful to be giving birth in an almost empty house come July! The weather is really heating up here, which means grueling days for my husband that works out in the heat every day. He does not complain, but he is so exhausted when he gets home. Partly because he has been up since 4 am and partly because the heat just drains your body physically. Praise the Lord for that man!

Since it has been so hot in the afternoon here in Phoenix, I let the kids go out and play in the morning when it is still a decent temperature. Usually I have the kids doing chores, and we do our morning Bible reading. But lately I have been saving all of that for later in the day and I just let them go play the morning away. I have moved their nap time to after 1 pm (it used to be 12 pm) and I have also changed bed time (unofficially) to 8 pm (it is normally 7 pm). After the sun starts to set the weather is perfect for playing once again. So the kids get their second wind during that time. They just love playing with the neighborhood kids, and they also try to get their friends saved...even though they aren't considered soul winners yet, they do their best! Things that make my heart happy!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Spring weather, that is...unless you live in Phoenix, than you are already enjoying summer temps ;)


  1. Love your baby bump! I am 20 weeks with baby #6 so we are pretty similar. Too bad you guys are not coming to VA to start up a church =).

    1. I love bump pics too. I wish there wasn't such a dearth of good churches, but hey, maybe one of these preachers at FWBC will start a church there some day. I will be sure to pass the word along ;)