Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We Survived the Flu and Other News

Getting back to normal around here! Do you see Silas in the background?

For the past 2 weeks our family has been battling a nasty flu virus. We are finally all on the downward slope of things and finally the kids are sleeping through the night. This is probably the worst illness to affect our family since I can even remember. Being that I am 23 1/2 weeks pregnant does not make things easier. I have been very sick myself, but surviving each demanding day and night. 

Once this sickness has passed, I plan to start getting rid of unnecessary items in our house, to get ready for the move to Fort Worth. It could be that we move there sooner than expected and I want to get as ready as possible. I am also winding down our homeschool year. And looking forward to a fresh start for the new year ahead. I have yet to pick out new curriculum, but I have been trying a few different things out and I expect that I will have all of my planning done and ready to roll out the new year by the deadline in May.

As far as pregnancy goes, I am feeling really good at 23 weeks. My pains have subsided a lot in the past few weeks. I am not struggling with sciatic nerve pain every day and I am SO thankful for that. I have just barely started to think about what I need to do to get ready for this baby. I guess I have had too many other things on my mind. But I did pick up a few little baby items at the thrift store for him and I am trying to get into planning for baby mode. I have also been looking into what it's going to take cloth diaper this little one. Being that half of the diapers I already have are all pink and girly AND that they are still too big for the first few newborn months. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I will most likely use prefolds for the little guy at first, and then go from there. Also, some exciting news is that Mary is showing interest in potty training the past few days. I am so thrilled to start potty training her, I even got out the little potty seat for her to practice sitting on. I will do a blog post in the near future about how I potty train my children, and what my philosophy is behind the issue.

I have been doing a lot of self assessment (as I always do) and I am working toward spending more time with the kids and less time worrying about my messy house. Who has time for a clean house when you have children and a husband to care for? I have been spending a lot of time focused on other things and not focusing on some of the more important things. I am pushing the reset button over here. I need to get rebalanced and regroup. I do this often and it is good when your family has a lot of changing needs. I am thankful for my husband who has set me straight in a lot of ways and helped me to see clearly. I am sometimes too hard on myself. There has been many instances where my husband has said just the right thing to get me back on track. He is a huge help to me! Of course I want to be the perfect mom, but that will never happen. So I am relying on the Lord to fill in the gaps for me. And I pray daily that the Lord will give me wisdom concerning my children and my husband and also that He will lead and guide me in all that I do. So when I ask for this type of thing in prayer, I am sure to follow that up with Bible reading and singing praises to Him. If I am serious about wanting the Lord's leading than I have to put my own foot forward and find what I am looking for.

I also want to share a new documentary with you that my Pastor and Paul Wittenberger made about the King James Bible. It is called New World Order Bible Versions and you can watch the whole thing for free right here. It is a great film! Especially if you are a Bible believing Christian. Don't miss it!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better! Yeah, what is going on in that picture??? You should not have left that to our imagination. LOL!

    Great movie!