Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Favorite Crock Pot Meals - Part 3, Perfect Pintos

My mexican grandmother inspired crock pot pinto beans!

Grandma's Perfect Crock Pot Pinto Beans
4 cups dry pinto beans - washed
edited: no need to soak these overnight
1 small piece of pork fat or bacon
1 clove garlic

Add washed pinto beans to crock pot then add water until the crockpot is almost filled to the top (about a 1 inch space remaining) add in piece of pork fat and a clove of peeled garlic. Cook on high heat 4-6 hours. About 3-4 hours into cook time add water, enough to cover beans again and stir. Once beans are nice and tender turn off crock pot. Remove pork fat and garlic clove if desired. Serve with a dab of butter, salt, and add cheese on top. These delicious pintos go perfectly with freshly made tortillas (find my recipe here). Beans do not keep long in the refrigerator, so consider freezing leftover beans after a couples of days in the fridge. Use ziplock baggies or mason jars and leave room for expansion. I love having beans in my freezer, ready to be whipped into refried beans anytime I want! Hope you enjoy my grandma's beans as much as I do, there is NOTHING like fresh beans from the crock pot!


  1. Do you have to soak them first overnight? I might try this soon!

    1. No ma'am, you do not have to soak them, that is the beauty of this recipe :)