Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That

Well, as always things have been busy around here. I thought I would catch you up on the latest...

Last Thursday was quite an ordeal. Glory and Silas were playing sword fighting with a plastic rake and a broom when the rake struck her above her right eye. She ran in from outside screaming, I was in the living room feeding the baby. Once she came around the corner I saw blood and jumped to my feet! She was bleeding profusely (as head wounds do) so I pressed on it with my hand until we could make it to the bathroom. Once I was able to see the damage, it wasn't good...her skull was visible through the small hole in her head. Yikes! I yelled for Guinevere to bring me the phone so that I could call her dad. Thankfully, Donnie was already on his way home. I think I should also mention, that when this all happened Glory was pleading for her daddy the whole time. "I want my daddy, I want my daddy," she repeated. Poor thing! By the time we got to the urgent care, Glory was calm. They wrapped her up like a burrito and then asked me to hold her down. Good thing I don't have trouble looking at open wounds. The worst part was when they gave her the local anesthetic. She screamed through the whole process and ended up with just 3 stitches out of the deal. Afterward I took her to get ice cream. Yep, ice cream makes everything better! ;)

This past Sunday Mary officially took her first steps. I was the only one to witness it since it was during church on Sunday night. We were in the back, since Mary makes a racket during the sermon, that is my post for almost the whole time. I think because there was carpet beneath her (we have all tile flooring, except in the bedrooms) she was more comfortable taking steps. I was overjoyed! She is also well on her way to being miss independent, i.e. she isn't nursing as frequently now. Some of that is me pushing her to be a big girl. I love how snuggly she is and her adorable smile just melts my heart. I am sure to remind myself how few days are left that I will be able to hold her like that. She also becoming more of a daddy's girl.

As you might already know we have a puppy now. His name is Joey. I call him NO JOE! Ha ha ha! He is a typical energetic puppy and the perfect addition to our family. The kids have been asking for a dog for a long time.

A couple days ago, I made the kids some cloud dough. They had a blast with it. It was tremendously messy! I kept it for a couple days before throwing it out. After the last mess they made, I couldn't help it.  Here is the recipe :

Cloud Dough
8 cups flour
1 cup oil

Mix together with your hands until the flour and oil are fully incorporated with one another.

**I also used cocoa powder and cinnamon to give it some color and scent

Sometimes you have to let them make a mess just to brighten their day! Look at those happy faces! Worth a whole lotta mess to me!!!

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