Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Over 1 Year Late...Mary's Birth Story

I have been thinking about telling Mary's birth story. I wanted so much to tell it to you. I know it has been over a year now since her birth. Lately I have been thinking about it. Some of the details may be a little off but her tale of how she entered into the world is too good not to share. So here it goes...

It was Tuesday morning and I was working on some mending that I had been putting off for too long. It was then, while I was sitting at my sewing machine, that I realized that I was starting to have those attention grabbing type contractions. In my head I thought, oh this is just too good to be true. Only 2 days until my due date. I wasn't in a hurry to have her, but the thought of her birth was welcomed because of the contractions that I had been having for over a month. Around that same time I got a text message from my friend, asking how I was feeling. I felt optimistic and told her that I thought I was in early labor and asked if she would pray for me. I continued on with normal activities the rest of the morning and afternoon. My contraction had not stopped by the time my husband got home from work. So we decided to load up all the kiddos and go to the store so I could get some good walking in, all while in a refreshingly air-conditioned grocery store! It was September her in Phoenix. So the temps were sky high and I didn't dare try laboring in that sort of heat. During my long shopping trip with the whole family my back started to hurt very badly and we had to beat feet out of there so that I could sit down. We were able to pick up a few things for when I was in labor while we were there. SO now I felt ready. I guess that is the word....ready. Ready to labor all night while everyone slept. Ready to hopefully have this baby in the morning. This whole time my contractions were still coming, nothing regular, about 10 to 15 minutes apart. The pain was still manageable so I decided to try to rest while I could. I can distinctly remember laboring thru the night with my other children. It is a time when I can really focus on what needs to happen and let my body relax. Before I laid down I texted the midwife to let her know I was in early labor and that I would probably see her in the morning. Things progressed, or so I thought, as expected through the night. I laid awake in bed anticipating each contraction and silently dealing with the pain. About 1 am I decided that I had to get out of bed and in the bathtub. It seemed a little odd that the contractions had not started to have some sort of pattern. By 5 am nothing had changed. I was still in pain and the contractions were irregular. I figured the baby was turned wrong. I got a text from my dad around that time. He was probably up getting ready for work. He was surprised to hear that I wasn't closer than when I let them know I was in labor the day before. He asked me if Donnie was going to work. At that point I had no idea if he was going to work or not. Or if I was even in real labor or not or if I WOULD EVER HAVE THIS BABY!! So at 6 am I got up and dressed and decided I would go for a walk by myself around the neighborhood to see if I could get my contractions going in some sort of pattern. As crazy as it sounds, my husband was up, getting ready for work. I do not blame him. I had been having Braxton hicks contractions for weeks now. Since he had slept through the night and had no idea I was up laboring. He probably thought it was another false alarm and I was starting to think the same thing myself. By the time I returned home from my laborious walk around the neighborhood my husband was standing outside waiting for me. Apparently when my dad got the text that Donnie was or was not going to work, it started an uproar. I guess, my mom, who was over 600 miles away, thought it was NOT a good idea. Given the fact that I have babies so quickly and I had been in "labor" since the day before. So she called my husband and my husband was rapidly making plans to stay home with me that day! Even though I had no real idea when I would deliver, I was relieved that at least while I was in pain, I would have my husband there with me. I was very discouraged and exhausted at this point. Having not slept all night and still nothing time able, nothing regular. A little later in the morning we all decided on another walk. When I am in labor I prefer to walk. Walk ,walk, walk. It helps me not only to relax, but also to feel like I am actually doing something to help the labor along. Once we got home I tried to just rest a bit and focus on other things, at least try to be distracted from the pain. At around noon I told my husband that the pain was getting worse and that I thought it would be best to have the midwife come. I also phoned my friend that was going to be helping out with the kids. I felt a little more hopeful and even excited. Knowing that I would soon deliver our baby girl. Once the midwife got there she checked me to see what progress I had made. I was dilated to a WHOPPING 5 cm. I couldn't believe it. Here I was, in labor for a whole 24 hours and still only half way there. After the check my midwife felt the baby and told me that she was most definitely posterior and that was why my labor was so wacky. She showed me a few different things that she wanted me to do to get the baby to turn into the right position. So for the next couple of hours my midwife stayed and waited with me, while I worked on trying to turn this stubborn baby. By 2:30 pm I had made little to no progress. My midwife had other appointments to keep that day. So she told me that she would come back that evening when she thought things would settle down enough to have a baby. The pain was still manageable and the contractions were still coming. I was feeling really determined, determined to get our sweet girl to turn around. It was not a surprise to me that she was turned wrong. Every other labor of mine had been the same way. I knew that once she turned that I would deliver quickly. So I chatted with my friend between each contraction. Donnie went on some sort of errand during this time. I don't know where he was, but I wasn't worried that he would miss anything. HAHA. Around 3 or 3:30 once Donnie returned home, I told my friend that she could go ahead and go home. Knowing that it was a church night and that she still had to feed her family before the service. She reluctantly took leave. I was really hurting as each contraction came, so much so that I felt like jumping out of my own skin. All the woman who have delivered naturally can probably relate to that feeling. My husband got me something to hold onto (instead of his hand) through each contraction. I tried laying down at this good. So I thought I need ANYTHING to have relief even a little relief from the pain. So I got in the shower. It was while I was in the shower that I knew things had changed. I was not sure if the baby had turned but I knew that things had changed because now I was screaming out in pain. Whereas before I could take each contraction without much verbalization, now I was screaming. I couldn't contain myself. I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs. My husband was outside, the kids ran after him and told him that I was screaming and that I needed him, NOW! Once he barged into the bathroom I told him that I was feeling pressure and that he needed to call the midwife right away. Once the midwife was on the phone she could hear my screaming and told Donnie that she would be here as soon as she could. Right after he hung up the phone I told him that the baby was coming and that I could not wait for the midwife. The baby was coming and I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE HER IN THE SHOWER. So he grabbed me 2 towels and draped them over me as I climbed out of the shower. Once I was in my bedroom I looked at Donnie and said, "I am going to have the baby, NOW!" He asked "what do you want me to do?" I told him to grab something to put on the floor. He quickly grabbed some chuck pads that were on the dresser and threw them on the floor. I bent over the bed and screamed at him that I was pushing. And in 1 long hard contraction and push Mary was born. Dad had caught her and was smiling with joy. Right after delivery I literally forgot about all of the pain and my eyes were fixed on our baby. Our beautiful baby. We immediately wrapped her in a towel. Now that our senses were coming back to us a bit, I sat on the side of the bed holding her. I was massaging her chest to get her to take some good breaths. She had been born with the cord wrapped around her neck, so she was a bit blue. Soon she was crying well and the children were excited to meet their baby sister. It was a very sweet time as the kids all said their hello's to Mary. Just about 10 minutes after she was born the midwife arrived. I was relieved to see her. Now I could stop thinking about the details and focus on my sweet baby. This was our first home birth. And yes, it was planned that way. SO at 4:45 pm on Wednesday our baby Mary Allison Romero was born at home. She was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long. Ahhh, it was a crazy time. It would take the next several weeks to soak everything in, all of what just happened. I was grateful that I had had a homebirth because I could rest in my own bed and snuggle with the baby, my husband and all of my kids at the same time. A couple days after she was born we learned how her name, meaning "bittersweet" would come into play. Those first weeks with Mary were definitely bittersweet as we found out she was born with what is known as Hirschsprung's Disease. But that is another story in itself. . God is so good to have given us our little Mary.

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  1. I loved reading this story! I've been reading Zsuzsua's blog for a couple years now but just came across yours...I look forward to keeping up with the family via more than just Facebook! <3 Nina