Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sourdough Adventures

A couple of days ago I finally successfully made a loaf of whole wheat sourdough french bread from my homemade starter. I have been wanting to add more fermented foods to our families diet. A few weeks ago I watched a you tube video explaining how a friend of mine makes sourdough bread at home (which is a fermented food).

My husband said that he wanted me to start making it too. SO I set out on an adventure to create sourdough bread. I read a lot about making a sourdough starter and watched several you tube videos too. Here are couple of the videos that inspired me.

how to make your own starter
how to make sourdough bread (very cool)

Once I watched the last video I though "I can do this, it is so simple. Just flour and water!" So I whipped up some flour and water, covered it with a muslin type cloth and set it outside. I "fed" the starter every 12 hours. This was my first was fermenting and growing yeast but I was not able to make a successful loaf of bread from it. I ended up scorching it in my oven. I had forgot that I was storing my starter in the oven and turned it on to bake something else...oops. Oh well. I started another one just last week. Same process, just flour and water. It took about a week to really start bubbling and smelling fermented.

I tried a couple of times to make bread with it but without success. What was the problem? My yeast was obviously growing but my dough would only rise 1x. Since I was using whole wheat flour I decided that I should probably add some vital wheat gluten. SO on my 3rd attempt at making bread I finally succeeded.
We ate it with dinner that good!
Here is a link to the recipe I used . I adapted it to use whole wheat flour. Today I am trying to make whole wheat french bread again but this time without the vital wheat gluten. I really hope it turns out. I have also been making sourdough pancakes which are really good and I hope to be able to make some yummy sourdough cinnamon rolls too. You can make anything with a sourdough starter, so why not try to make your own?

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