Thursday, September 5, 2013

Guinevere turns 7

Where has the time gone? I remember squeezing her precious baby cheeks. Well she is hardly a baby anymore, Guinevere turned 7 yesterday! She has become a huge help to me this past year. It is amazing to watch her grow and mature becoming a young lady. She is very clever and sweet. I am so blessed to be her mama. Just last week she was the flower girl in our friend's wedding. She was so happy to be apart of such a special occasion. It made me think of the day that she will be getting married, it will be here before I know it. But for now I will cherish the time I have with her. She wanted me to make her a Hawaiian pizza and a pumpkin pie for her special birthday dinner. Yummy!

 First thing in the morning we all helped blow up balloons :)
 Mary loves balloons
Guinevere was chewing a giant mouth full of bubble gum first thing in the morning.
 the birthday princess is ready to open her present
 homemade Hawaiian style pizza
pumpkin pie...silly girl

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