Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Mama

Thinking of my mother today...I have so many tender memories and ones that I hold dear. I am so grateful for my mama. The memories I have from my childhood are now made even better because I can now see the effort and selflessness she put into loving me. And now that I am a mother myself I can see just what she gave up by having me. She has helped me up in times that were hard and also set me straight when I needed it. Even when I was a wreck, she was there watching over me as I made mistakes, willing to help me up when I would fall. As time goes on my mama and I grow further apart, but her place never changes, she stays right here in my heart. I want my mom to know that I am reflecting on her love today and that I desire so much to be with her on this Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tips for the Busy Mama

On my quest to find a more organized way to function in our family of 7, I came across some tips that I would like to share with you.

#1  Put unsightly clutter in a basket or bin

Not only does this create a place for all of your stuff to go, but it also gives you the clean look without necessarily being "clean". You can find good deals on baskets and bins at the Goodwill. But you may have make several trips to find something to fit your clutter perfectly. Here is what the top of my fridge looks like with a few helpful baskets from the thrift store.

Corral your paper clutter

#2  A Command Center.
Not only is it the area where we put our calendar of events, it also is a place for communication to happen. I keep the meal plans for the week here. I keep my to do list here. I also keep the kids schedule and chore list here too. Another helpful thing to have right where everyone can see, is an All Out Of list. That way if my husband or I see that we are out of something we can write it here. Then I just use this as my shopping list. I found these helpful notepads at Target's dollar spot. For only a dollar, they are worth a try...
#3 A dirty sock bag.
My friend gave me this idea and it is working great for all of the kids socks. This way their socks do not get lost. They can take off their dirty socks, stick them right into the bag. Then on laundry day, I take the bag, zip it up and throw it directly into the washing machine. Because it is a mesh bag, all of the socks get clean. Once they are washed and dried I take them out of the bag, pair them up, and put them into their drawers.  Here I labeled 1 bag for all of the girls socks because they share a room. Better yet you could have a bag for each of your kids, write their name on the bag and you know exactly who they belong too when they come out of the dryer.  NO MORE mismatched sock basket! Another good way to keep track of who's socks are who's is to have the boys in your family wear black socks and the girls in your family wear white socks. :)

Hope that you find these tips helpful and find ways to use them in your home too. Have a blessed week.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Time

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to lately.
just trying to have some fun...LOL
make a funny face...c'mon you know you want to
NO! I really don't want to
caught reading books together
 actually liked the bath..NO WAY!
Gun Show!!
 tiny hospital gown
mmmm...chocolatey goodness
my birthday card from sweet!
owl craft