Friday, January 18, 2013

My Current Schedule

When I wrote the word schedule I couldn't help but laugh because it is hardly a schedule but merely a goal I have set for how I want each day to go. Here it is:

6:00 am - Bible reading and personal prayer time
7:00 am - get myself ready for the day
7:30 am - get the kids dressed and ready for the day
8:00 am - make breakfast
9:00 am - eat breakfast with the kids
9:30 am - clean up time, kids play time
10:30 am - run errands if needed or make shopping/to do lists
12:00pm - make/eat lunch
12:30 pm - kids down for nap, lay down for quick rest with baby, the older kids play quietly
1:00 pm - school time with the girls
2:00 pm - free time for kids, work on chores and laundry catch up
3:00 pm - Bible reading/song/prayer time with the kids
4:30 pm - kids read quietly or play outside while I start dinner
5:30 pm - dinner time
6:30 pm - showers (on Tuesdays & Fridays) or family fun time, reading books or playing games
7:00 pm - bed time for kids

Well there you have daily schedule. In the evenings I try to do the dinner dishes but usually the baby wants me to hold her all night. So I usually sit in my rocking chair playing with my sweet girl until she falls asleep. It's important to have daily goals so that I can accomplish the necessary things every day, especially time with the Lord.

I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
Proverb 8:17

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