Monday, December 10, 2012

Cloth diapers the good and the bad

BBH Hemp FittedSince bringing Mary home from the hospital we have struggled with diaper rash. The surgeon told us that babies with Hirschsprungs Disease have more problems with diaper rash than most other babies. So for several weeks we tried this, that, and the other thing, to get rid of the diaper rash that she developed in the hospital. But nothing seemed to work. Finally we decided to try cloth diapers. Some people love them, some people hate them, some don't know much about them. What I hope to do is to keep you updated on how cloth diapering is going for our family. So far I enjoy cloth diapering. Here are some of the good things: Mary does not have diaper rash anymore!, we are saving money every day, I can use the same laundry soap I use for my clothes (because it is a natural soap that is tough on stains and no there is no funky smells coming from her freshly washed diapers.), and she looks adorable in them. The diapers that I am currently using are called Baby Bee-Hinds the hemp fitted edition. I like these diapers because they adjust with my growing baby, they are all natural and very absorbent. Here are some things I don't like about cloth diapering: The diapers need washed daily and they take forever to dry, I have to sun bleach them every other day and I do not have a clothes line in the sun, If line dried they are crunchy and not soft on her bottom, you have to use covers with them, they are not all in ones. Other than those things listed, I am pleased with cloth diapering. All of the bad elements can be remedied. I am looking forward to learning more about cloth diapers, finding the right ones for our family and possibly even making my own...someday.

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