Friday, August 10, 2012

Braxton hicks and a busy week of nesting

I am now 35 weeks pregnant! This  past week has been very busy and uncomfortable. Last Sunday night I started having painful contraction every 6-10 minutes. I thought it might be because I was dehydrated, so I drank some vitamin water and emergen-c then a little water and went to bed. These contractions lasted all night and into the day Monday. Monday they seemed a little less painful and less frequent, but they continued. And I can't say that they have let up too much since then. I am still having contractions and some of them are painful, some not so much. I think it is pretty clear that our little girl is almost ready. But I'm not! I just want her to stay in a little longer so that she can grow and mature. Not to mention all of the things I still have to get done before she gets here. This week has been a marathon of nesting activities. Monday my friend came over and helped me clear out our spare room and make it into the kids playroom. This was a huge project on my list, now near completion. Tuesday I worked on cleaning my house and straightening the laundry room. Wednesday I finished all of the laundry and washed baby items like the bouncy chair cover, the boppy pillow cover, etc. Thursday was Glory's birthday. It was a very busy day that included shopping at the Goodwill in the morning, stopping by the store, then making lunch, baking cupcakes, decorating that my friend helped with and then making  homemade chicken nuggets with fries. Last night I went to the store and spent a long while there collecting items that I needed to make freezer meals today for when baby arrives. This morning I vacuumed the whole house and cleaned up everything in preparation to start my day of crazy cooking. I only managed to make one meal, I made the same dish for dinner as well. I was just not motivated after a busy week. I also think the whole family has come down with a cold, me included. Usually I do not get sick with everyone else. But due to pregnancy and stress it does not surprise me that I am feeling sick too. My poor husband is feeling very bad so he went to urgent care tonight. He hasn't returned with a verdict, but I think it may be he has a severe sinus infection. Needless to say, tomorrow will be round 2 of my cooking frenzy. I hope to make at least 2 more dinners and a couple of breakfast items including: stew (uncooked and ready for a crock pot), meatballs (w/o the spaghetti, I will cook that up later), banana nut muffins, and peanut butter granola. I may even make a huge batch of waffles in the morning and freeze the leftovers. Realistically I will probably only get to a couple of those made, but hey...I can dream.