Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty shopping

I have always loved a good deal. When I first moved to Phoenix I was introduced to sale Saturday's at the Goodwill. Everything in the store is 1/2 priced every other week. This is tremendous savings!! You can get everything, even furniture. I utilize thrift stores to pick up clothes for my growing kiddos. You can always find good quality for low prices if you are searching. About a month ago I stumbled upon $1 colored tag sales at Goodwill. I couldn't believe it! Every thing marked with a certain colored tag, is just $1. This will be my 3rd Thursday shopping the dollar days there and I have found some great buys for so little. Last week I saved over 75% on my purchase. And I bought 2 skirts, 1 shirt, and a dress for Guinevere. This week I saved over 80% and bought a dress shirt for Silas, 2 Maternity shirts, and 2 skirts for the girls. At just one dollar each! As an experienced thrift store shopper I have never seen deals like this one (at least not at a thrift store). Back in Grand Junction there are NEVER sales like this! Needless to say I have found some good ways to save my family money by utilizing these sales. And the best part is, a Goodwill is right down the street from my house. Easy enough to go there every Thursday when it opens at 9 am and search through the racks to find just what I am looking for. Strangely enough a lot of people don't know about the sale and there isn't a massive amount of people there. I have seen a lot of the same people there just searching for their next deal! It was also sale Saturday last weekend so I went by there and picked up about 10 quality books for under $4. Hey, did I mention I LOVE a good sale?

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  1. Have you ever been to Other Mother's? The clothes are really nice & prices are better then Goodwill's regular prices. We buy baby clothes there but they also have clothes for the entire family. They too have sales on certain colored tags. There is one location near me at 32nd St & Greenway and another on 27th Ave & Bell.