Friday, July 27, 2012

Pregnancy update

I thought it about time to do an update on how this pregnancy is going. I am 33 weeks pregnant. And feeling bigger than ever! The past week has been pretty difficult, I have not been sleeping well at all! I have not been feeling well either. I started feeling a bit better yesterday. I think that it has much to do with stress and hormonal changes as my body and mind are getting ready for birth.  I have so much to get done before baby arrives. I have now started on my lists. Before any big event I make huge lists. Lists upon lists. This keeps my brain organized. And due to pregnancy memory loss I welcome pen and paper all the more. I have started gathering all of my home birth supplies and plan on ordering my birth kit this week. My husband  hasn't been to any of my prenatal visits so I think he is a little in the dark as to what to expect. Here in a couple of weeks my midwives will be doing a home visit and I asked my hubby to make plans to be there. I also suggested that he might want to make up a list of questions. That way there are no surprises for him during the labor and delivery. I am also experiencing a little anxiety. Not so much about delivering the baby but all of the PAIN! Oh, yes how I remember the pain. Around this time in pregnancy I usually watch some videos on natural child birth. I do this to get in the mindset of pain and labor. I have also been trying to find some videos that are appropriate for my kids to watch on home birth. I want them to be prepared for what is to come. And I want them to be able to ask me questions so they aren't afraid or stressed about what is going on when the time comes. Other than what I mentioned there is not a lot going on with this pregnancy. Which is a good thing! I can't wait to meet our little bundle....we are still trying to think of a name for her. It seems more difficult every child we have.

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