Friday, July 13, 2012

As I begin to loose my mind...

Since the weather has been so hot and I am almost 8 months pregnant, I have not enjoyed much of the summer. And of course that is to be expected. The kids also miss playing outside everyday and are limited to early morning playing outside until about 9am and evenings playing in the itty bitty swimming pool that we bought for them last week. The kids are getting cabin fever and admittedly so am I. I am so tired of hearing mom I'm bored, mom can you find me something to do. Mom he took my book, she took my toys, and wild acoustic screaming in my living room 5 days or more out of the week. So today when I woke up in the morning I checked the forecast for the day. And it said there would be rain in the morning, cloud cover during the day and more showers this afternoon. So I made a risky decision to scoot on down to the zoo. We haven't been there in quite a while due to the heat and other factors i.e. pregnancy. But we do have a zoo pass and I would hate for us to miss out on visiting the zoo at least a few more times before the baby arrives. As I left the house I could see rainclouds over Tempe where I was headed. Then my husband called me to tell me it was raining there and cautioned me to return home. Out of desperation I refused to turn back home. I was sick of staying home all day and just needed a little change. So we pressed on headed toward the rain and right around Sky Harbor airport we hit pouring rain which continued for quite some time. I debated what I should do but stubbornly chose to head on over to the zoo anyway. I picked up a couple of umbrellas at Walgreen's. When we arrived it was still raining but not too bad so I unloaded the troops and started into the zoo. About 10 minutes after we got there the rain had completely stopped. I was so glad! The kids and I lazily strolled a quarter of the zoo from around 10 am until about 1pm. Stopping whenever the kids wanted, I welcomed all of the play areas along our journey. It was a pretty sweaty day, but we had a lot of fun. When I decided it was time to leave we had just ran out of water. The kids were drinking water like crazy! And I felt that I could barely push on as we approached the car. I am sure that I will be feeling that in the morning. Right now I am enjoying some downtime as I watch my littles play in there little pool and have a great! time! They are content with the little things in life. We could definitely learn by example from these little ones. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Glory making "eggs"

Hosanna loved the little people, they are just her size!



Happy as clams!

Silas the tortise

Glory is saying Cheeeese!

Those are creepy nails...

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