Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh how they grow...

As I have heard it said a million times before kids grow up so fast. I cannot believe that I will be the mother to 5 children in just a few months and that my oldest is almost 6 already! Where has the time gone? I suppose it has gone in to thousands of diaper changes, baths, and meal preparations. Not to mention the millions of loads of laundry. Then add in all of the memories and fun little moments I will never get back. Like the first time they all rolled over, crawled, walked, got their first owie, and the first smile, kiss, and their first words. I am grateful for they days I have spent being a mother and that I can stay home with my children and see them grow with each day. Thank the Lord for his gift of family. (Please excuse the poor picture quality my phone and blogger do not make good pics together)

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