Thursday, June 14, 2012

The laundry monster and other news

The laundry monster has been living at our house since we moved to Phoenix. That would make it just about 8 months. I used to have a really good system that kept that pesky laundry monster away as long as I stuck to the plan. I just can't seem to tame this ugly monster. Ever since we were without a washer and dryer for 5 months and had to go to the laundry mat once or twice a week, that ugly monster just doesn't want to leave. Last week I felt as if I were finally going to snuff out ol' LM and then he just reared his ugly head back up again this week as I am busy dealing with emergency after emergency. So I do other mom's do it? How do they keep their laundry from piling up, especially if things come up that prevent them from doing what is planned. And how do they keep motivated on a rough day or week to tackle the LM? I have hope that I will one day regain my system and remove the LM from my home (at least temporarily). But with the new baby on her way and so much to be done before she arrives I believe that my LM will have to stay at least for the summer. So why not embrace it.

Not only is laundry on my mind this week but I recently got a virus on my computer. I have been using this website called swagbucks. To earn literally pennies a day on my free time. You can then be rewarded with gift cards to places like While using this server my computer I picked up a virus and it is an ugly one. Several times I have attempted to remove it and it seems to work only to find out that it's back and is still messing with my computer. I am sure that it will send me looking for a good virus killer on the web sooner than later. As for right now it seems at bay, but only time will tell. But I have learned my lesson and wont be using swagbucks anytime soon.

The kids are doing really well. My oldest is blowing through her school work and I do believe she will be ready to start first grade in the fall. She is really growing and maturing and becoming such a help to me. Glory is very smart and will be catching up to her sister in school very shortly. Silas is more crazy than ever, and really is a total BOY! Hosanna seems to do good one day as far as behaviour and the next day she is a little terror on wheels. I am working with her a great deal and am hopeful that her behaviour will straighten up before the new baby comes in 13 weeks or less. And as for baby well she seem quite active and is growing as to be expected. I am excited to meet her but I sure do have a lot to do before she gets here, better get it in gear.

I hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer weather, things have just started to warm up over here and it's just the beginning. It was 105 yesterday...and the temperatures keeps climbing. YAy for pregnant summers...NOT!!

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