Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing projects GALORE!

It has been a really long time since I even looked at my sewing machine. This week I finally took it out and decided to do some much needed sewing. One of the biggest reasons I took it out is to work on some alterations for my skinny minnie, Glory. She is so thin that it is impossible to find any dress or skirt past knee length for her to wear that is not WAY too big for her. But of course the alterations took a back burner after I got to sewing on a new dress for her that I cut out last December. The dress is coming along nicely, and has definately sharpened some of my sewing skills in the process. Not only do I plan to finish this dress by the end of the week, I also plan to get at least a few items altered so that Glory won't be swimming in her clothes. Then there are the countless other projects that are near completion but just not quite there yet. I have a skirt that I have been working on since last fall (that wont even fit me now that I am pregnant), I have some maternity clothes that need altered. Also I have some other little projects I want to finish before the baby arrives. Like a new car seat cover, a mini diaper bag, and possibly some new coverings for my double stroller. I am very grateful for a sewing machine and for a friend of mine that has taught me much of what I know as far as sewing is concerned. Every time I pick up a new pattern to work on, I learn something new. You could say that my boldness is increasing as I ponder taking on some new difficult projects. For those ladies out there that think they can't sew, it is far from the truth. You just need a friend that knows a little something about sewing and some time, and you can learn to do whatever you put your mind to...and there is always you tube to show you how if you get stuck on something.

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