Monday, May 7, 2012

Hustle and bustle

As I mentioned in my previous posts I am really busy this month. As the weekend has come to a close and a new week has begun I find myself terribly tired. I am in much need of rest and normalcy. Not that I didn't enjoy myself a ton while my in laws were here. In fact it was a great to spend quality time with them catching up. While they were here they blessed our family immensely with all manner of good gifts. I was very sad to say goodbye and so was our whole family. They are now at home after a long drive back home to Grand Junction today.

This afternoon I took the kids to the home school field trip at the Sea Life Aquarium with our church. We had a great time exploring and learning. The kids were even able to touch some starfish! Afterwards my friend invited me to snack on some pretzels and hang out for a while. I forget how yummy those pretzels taste!

 My husband was off of work early today so he was home when I arrived home around 3:30 this afternoon. I did not purpose to take a nap when I came home but I just couldn't help it. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep on the long drive home.

Here is what the rest of my week looks like: Wednesday I have a midwife appointment. Friday I pick my sister up at the airport to spend the day. Saturday is the Ladies Tea...WHEW! I am tired just writing all of that. Well, I do suppose that tomorrow will be a much needed day of rest and I will then be recharged to get on with life this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year. Have a blessed week.

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