Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manners...what your mother didn't tell you

I'm finding out that manners are not at all natural to a child nor do they come about without some embarrassment and patience. I never really put thought into the fact that my mother taught me manners and how difficult it must have been. It is crazy that I have to tell my 5 year old numerous times not to do something because it is rude, or not to just say everything she thinks because it could be offensive. Or to close the door when she is in the bathroom or changing her clothes. Or to ask please and say thank you for things. And the list goes on and on. I am sure I haven't even thought of everything that my children need to learn. There are so many things that I am grateful that my mom took the time to teach me about manners.One thing I do know is that it takes patience and understanding as well as the proper response to an child to correct them and mold them into polite young people. Sometimes I only take notice of some problem with etiquette  after some form of embarrassment. Live and learn I suppose. Once a friend of mine told me of a book that taught children manners and used scripture for explanation, it is called Polite Moments. This book has been quite helpful in keeping me one step ahead of my children in teaching them manners. But some things are only learned from experience. It is important to me that my children are polite because as Christans they portray Jesus to the world. The world needs some good examples of Christianity because there are so many bad examples out there. I will do my best to teach my children these important life lessons in manners and hopefully they will look back and thank their mom for taking the time, when they have their own children of course!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A short update...

So last night our fridge finally died after a suspicion that it was going out for a few days now. I wasn't too upset because we were eating the stuff in the freezer this week. Now all that was left in the freezer was some chicken that I will cook up over the weekend and a few other things that I think we will be able to use before the weekend is over. But I have to say that it is unpleasant. Of course ice works fine to keep your food cold, but this is the second time in 4 months that our fridge has gone out. I am still waiting for the repair man that was suppose to come at 9 this morning. Hopefully he will be here any moment to tell me what I already can conclude myself...we need yet another fridge.

The past few days I have been working on a fun project for my sister. I found some silly cake toppers online and I am doing my best to imitate them and make a one of a kind cake topper for her wedding. Here is the website www.fundeliver.com. I am using the pictures on the site and some modeling clay to sculpt a tiny version of the cute couple. So far I am still working on my sisters head. I have been working on it for a the last couple days and I am finally happy with how it is turning out. I forgot what a perfectionist I am. Normally I will settle for less than perfect in daily activities and tasks because I am not perfect. But when it comes to my sister's wedding I want her cake topper to look nice and just like her and her fiance, HA HA! Hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit or I wont ever finish this cake topper.

That's all I can write for now. My kids are looking at me with hungry eyes! I do suppose it is lunch time.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Well I made it

After two trips in an airplane, I am now home safe and sound. I have to say that it was a great experience to ride in a plane and it was even better that it was for only a little over an hour! The TSA is not even close to as bad as I thought. Even at Sky Harbor Airport I did not have a pat down or go through a naked body scanner. I simply went through a metal detector and was cleared to go on my way. Now I am unsure if this was because I am obviously pregnant. I did have a pat down before my return flight but it wasn't a lady "groping" me, just a standard pat down. This is good news for me as I was a bit perturbed about the whole ordeal. I had a very nice visit with my family and my sister was able to choose the perfect wedding dress. It was sad to say my goodbyes but I missed my kids and husband a bunch and it was so good to see them when they picked me up from the airport last night.

I have a lot of catching up to do with my kiddos today. Along with some housework and some rest. Now on to the mountain of clothes on my couch. Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My first airplane ride

Tomorrow I will be riding in an airplane for the first time ever. My husband keeps asking me if I am getting nervous and if I am excited. The answer to both is YES!  Just last night I dreamed that I slept in and missed my flight. I am a bit nervous that I am leaving my kids behind to travel by plane 10 hours away. I am nervous that the TSA will be as bad as I could ever have imagined it to be. I am nervous at the slight possibility of never returning home because I will be in some bizarre plane crash. I do not think I am abnormal, or paranoid, just aware of reality.

I am excited just for the airplane ride itself. It will be something I will never forget. I am also excited to spend carefree time with my parents, my sister, my brother, and my grandma. I wont have to think of dirty diapers or babies crying. I will get to just enjoy myself, as my husband will be taking care of all the kiddos this weekend. I am a little concerned for Hosanna because she is such a mama's girl. But I do believe she will be happy to have daddy wrapped around her finger all weekend.

My day started early today as I plan and pack for my trip As well as, clean the house, work on laundry and spend time with my kids before I leave tomorrow morning. This weekend will conclude my CRAZY month. And...I am looking forward to a slower pace in June as I enter my 3rd trimester and start to gear up for baby #5.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hustle and bustle

As I mentioned in my previous posts I am really busy this month. As the weekend has come to a close and a new week has begun I find myself terribly tired. I am in much need of rest and normalcy. Not that I didn't enjoy myself a ton while my in laws were here. In fact it was a great to spend quality time with them catching up. While they were here they blessed our family immensely with all manner of good gifts. I was very sad to say goodbye and so was our whole family. They are now at home after a long drive back home to Grand Junction today.

This afternoon I took the kids to the home school field trip at the Sea Life Aquarium with our church. We had a great time exploring and learning. The kids were even able to touch some starfish! Afterwards my friend invited me to snack on some pretzels and hang out for a while. I forget how yummy those pretzels taste!

 My husband was off of work early today so he was home when I arrived home around 3:30 this afternoon. I did not purpose to take a nap when I came home but I just couldn't help it. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep on the long drive home.

Here is what the rest of my week looks like: Wednesday I have a midwife appointment. Friday I pick my sister up at the airport to spend the day. Saturday is the Ladies Tea...WHEW! I am tired just writing all of that. Well, I do suppose that tomorrow will be a much needed day of rest and I will then be recharged to get on with life this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year. Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing projects GALORE!

It has been a really long time since I even looked at my sewing machine. This week I finally took it out and decided to do some much needed sewing. One of the biggest reasons I took it out is to work on some alterations for my skinny minnie, Glory. She is so thin that it is impossible to find any dress or skirt past knee length for her to wear that is not WAY too big for her. But of course the alterations took a back burner after I got to sewing on a new dress for her that I cut out last December. The dress is coming along nicely, and has definately sharpened some of my sewing skills in the process. Not only do I plan to finish this dress by the end of the week, I also plan to get at least a few items altered so that Glory won't be swimming in her clothes. Then there are the countless other projects that are near completion but just not quite there yet. I have a skirt that I have been working on since last fall (that wont even fit me now that I am pregnant), I have some maternity clothes that need altered. Also I have some other little projects I want to finish before the baby arrives. Like a new car seat cover, a mini diaper bag, and possibly some new coverings for my double stroller. I am very grateful for a sewing machine and for a friend of mine that has taught me much of what I know as far as sewing is concerned. Every time I pick up a new pattern to work on, I learn something new. You could say that my boldness is increasing as I ponder taking on some new difficult projects. For those ladies out there that think they can't sew, it is far from the truth. You just need a friend that knows a little something about sewing and some time, and you can learn to do whatever you put your mind to...and there is always you tube to show you how if you get stuck on something.