Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been a while...

There has been so much going on that I haven't had much time to blog. I have wanted to keep everyone up to date about what's going on with my little family but have been cheating by posting little blurbs on facebook. About 2 weeks ago I decided to take a break from facebook for the time being and get back to a more "simple" type of living. Instead of checking up on everyone via facebook and blurbing about what's happening here, I have decided to make this the place where curious minds can find out the latest.

FIRST...I'll catch you up on what has been going on with this pregnancy. I will be 18 weeks on Thursday, and my how time has just flown by. I have been feeling our little one move every day. And of course I am growing a little baby bump. I have been thinking more about names but haven't really thought of any that stick. My prediction is that we are having a boy, but we wont know for sure until we have an ultrasound at around 20 weeks. This is the first pregnancy out of 5 that I have a midwife and not an OB. I cannot even describe how different it is to have a midwife. I really enjoy my prenatal visits, and I learn a lot even though I have had 4 previous pregnancies. My midwives are really good at asking the right questions and then helping to find a solution. This may sound a bit crazy too, but I am planning my first home birth for baby #5 and am very comfortable with this decision, having had 4 other great deliveries in a hospital.

All of the kids are doing really great. A stomach bug has just passed through and was pretty nasty for the little people in my house. I was fortunate that my dear husband was home to help me out with laundry and sick little people, even during the night!
Guinevere is doing really well in kindergarten (when she wants to) and blows me away with her artistic abilities. She draws at least 10 pictures a day. The latest theme is heart people...not sure where she got that. But they are cute for sure. She also just learned how to tie her own shoes. She is not quite proficient at it, but she has the basics down. Guiny is a huge helper around the house with the kids and with chores.
Glory is doing just as amazing in preschool. She is the brightest little 3 year old. Oh and how she can be so caring of others. Many times she has sacrificed her things to make another of her siblings happy. It is wonderful to witness these moments of kindness.
Silas is a little bit of an antagonist and likes to stir up problems with his sisters. The other half of the time he is a very gentle and loving little boy. He has improved so much on his speech and I am now able to converse with him. It makes me smile just to think of his funny little voice saying such grown up things.
Hosanna is growing so fast! She now sleeps in a toddler bed in a room she shares with her brother. She loves books just as much as her other siblings do. She always wants to be the center of mom's attention. A lot of times she ends up sitting on the counter right next to me as I work on chores or in the kitchen. She does have quite the attitude but that does not surprise me as all of my girls had the same issue. Her little smile lights up the room and she is a blessing to her sisters and brother.

I have been so blessed of God with a wonderful family to take care of and love.

I will do my best to continue posting updates here. I am already working on some other blogs with great recipes for all sorts of yummy food, such as: 2 hour cinnamon rolls, homemade enchilada sauce, and doughnuts.

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