Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recent Happenings

Last Saturday my husband started a new job. He is working for a fire restoration company. When someone's house catches on fire they go in and do all they can to make the place liveable again. It seems to be working out really well.
Sunday I bought my first newspaper for couponing. I have also found a website that helps me to find the best way to use my coupons, it is called This website does all of the leg work for me and tells me exactly where I can find the coupons I need to get the best deals.

Monday is always a "catch up" day from the busy weekend. We are still working on homeschool as Christmas is approaching. I have found several websites that I use to keep my little people occupied with crafts, games, puzzles, and the like. One of the best websites I found is It has tons of holiday fun for all ages. I also use this website on a daily basis to find coloring pages for my little people

Tuesday the kids and I made holiday chains out of construction paper. I really love this time of year. We will be making Christmas cookies and making alot more crafts in the next couple weeks.

Wednesday the kids and I made snowflake ornaments. We also made snowflake banners and the kids colored them beautifully! Did I mention I love this time of year?

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  1. Looking good! Your girls look like they are having fun, the snowflakes you guys did are beautiful!