Monday, December 19, 2011

Just thinking...

It seems like just yesterday since our family moved to Arizona back in October. We have been so busy. When I think back to all we have accomplished these last months I am grateful for lots of help and a great husband who has the vision to make it all work. The weather is so wonderful here! I could definitely get used to this kind of a winter. There is still so much to be done before Christmas next week. I hope I can keep on top side of it all.

Helping to decorate the tree!

The girls love to pretend to cook like mom!


Glory has a giant duck. Guinevere has a spider hat. Silas is wearing a monkey on his back.

I have been reflecting on this past year. With whatever each year brings I always feel closer to my husband and greater contentment as a mother. I wouldn't trade spots with anyone. My life is truly blessed in more ways than a million. God has done so much in our lives. I know how underserving I am of all these great blessings. I thank God for His matchless grace.

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