Thursday, December 22, 2011


This week has been out of control crazy. I have literally been doing something from the time I wake up in the morning until the time I go to sleep at night.

I have been trying to get our things out of storage and either selling them or moving them to a storage shed that a friend of ours is letting us barrow. It is absolutely ridiculous how much storage units cost! Outrageous! Since my husband is at work during the day and we have to be out of the storage unit by Saturday, I have been working hard to get out of there. I am sick of boxes. Between the boxes I have been going through with girl clothes from 0-7 years old and boy clothes up to 4 years old, not to mention all of the other boxes in our storage unit and the boxes that have been arriving at our house since the begining of this week, I have had my fill of boxes. Not that I don't appreciate the fact that I have been blessed with all of this stuff and that the people I love are sending our family gifts for Christmas. It is just hard to live with 6 people in such a small place. All 800 some square feet just isnt enough room for all these boxes and our other stuff. Slowly I am becoming more organized and have been selling some of the clothes.

The boxes with all of the Christmas gifts have been taking up a TON of space in my bedroom as I do not want to put the gifts out under the tree until the night before. If you don't have little kids you wont understand why but it is absolutely necessary when you don't have the ability to watch their every move so that they do not open their gifts too early. We will be opening our presents on Christmas Eve this year and we are also having a yummy ham with some of our friends that evening. Since Christmas is on a Sunday this year we decided that we would let the kids open their gifts early so they can play with their gifts ALL day and there wont be a lot of hustle and bustle when we are getting ready for church Sunday morning.

I am so grateful for our friend that has let us use their storage shed. WHAT A BLESSING. I am happy that I can at least hang on to some of the things we brought here from Colorado. I think I am a little bit of a pack rat. I just can't get rid of things until it is absolutely necessary. It does feel good to be getting rid of some things. I am sure that all can be replaced easily.

Today finally things have slowed down a bit to catch my breath before things speed back up this weekend.  It is definately time to take a breather, drink some hot cocoa and hang out with my little people. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.

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